School of Nursing Timeline

1905 Organization of the Minnesota State Nurses Association
1907 Nursing registration implemented in Minnesota
1908 October 1, 1908 UMn Board of Regents approved the establishment of the School of Nursing
1909 UMN School for Nurses founded; the first collegiate school of nursing in the United States. Bertha Erdmann appointed superintendent of the school. Six students were admitted to the first class
1910 Louise M. Powell becomes director (1910-1924). School for Nurses accredited by the State Board of Education
1915 Students get clinical experience in the Dental Clinic
1917 Students get clinical experience in tuberculosis at Glen Lake County Sanatorium
1919 In June, School launches baccalaureate nursing degree, which is a 5-year program including three years nursing and two years of college (liberal arts education). Graduates received nursing degree and a BS. Major in public health nursing option begins
1920 Name changes from School for Nurses to School of Nursing
1922 Nursing education major option. Attempts to standardize nursing education: University School of Nursing joined with University of Minnesota Hospital, Minneapolis General Hospital, Northern Pacific Beneficial Association Hospital in St Paul, and the Charles T. Miller Hospital
1924 Marion L. Vannier is director (until 1930)
1928 The School offers its first two graduate courses: Administration of Schools of Nursing & Ward Teaching in Schools of Nursing
1929 School of Public Health begins to grant baccalaureate degrees in public health nursing
1930 Katharine J. Densford appointed director; a position she holds until her retirement in 1959
1931 Graduate courses in clinical areas added
1933 “The minutes of the Advisory Committee for the school dated December 12 listed seven ‘studies to be made, provided assistance [is] granted under the Civil Works program’:” including, studying sterilization techniques, evaluations of content of clinical experience, study of student-nurse life, and time studies of selected nursing procedures. (36) Some studies were completed, although we do not have details on which
1936 Center for Continuation Study initiated, the School of Nursing offers continuing education courses through the Center
1942 BS for college graduates
1943 Rural nursing program is established, which operates until 1963. Clinical graduate courses added: Medical, pediatric, operating room, obstetrics, psychiatric, surgical, rural, and tuberculosis
1947 Practical Nursing program is established, which operates until 1967
1949 School establishes a four-year baccalaureate program with a nursing major. Included an RN option. The Home Management and Practical Nursing Program begins jointly with the School of Agriculture (until 1960)
1950 Master of science, nursing education program begins
1951 (until 1965) Master of science, nursing education
1957 Faculty members participate in the Child Development Study of the national Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness
1958 The School of Nursing Foundation founded
1959 Katherine Densford retires as director of the School; Edna Fritz is appointed director, a position she holds until 1969. Fritz emphasizes the need for more faculty involvement in research
1961 School introduced a revised undergraduate curriculum, replacing the five-year baccalaureate with an “integrated” four-year baccalaureate degree in 1962. The new curriculum emphasized the “nursing process” and was patient-centered
1962 Psychiatric nursing program begins. Master of science, nursing – in the Graduate School: Psychiatric mental health
1965 Master of science, nursing – in the Graduate School: Medical surgery
1969 M. Isabel Harris becomes dean, (acting dean ’69-’70, dean ’70-75)
1970 The College of Medical Sciences is disbanded and School of Nursing becomes part of the Health Sciences
1975 Irene G. Ramey is dean, serving until her death in 1979
1979 Inez G. Hinsvark is interim dean until 1980
1980 Ellen T. Fahy is appointed dean, serving in that position until 1990
1982 School of Nursing establishes Doctorate of Philosphy (PhD) in Nursing
1986 November 21, 1986, the first School of Nursing Research Day is held
1989 The Center for Long Term Care for the Elderly was founded
1990 Sandra R. Edwardson is interim dean until 1991
1991 Public Health Nursing program transferred from the School of Public Health to the School of Nursing. Sandra Edwardson is appointed dean and serves in that position until 2004
1992 School of Nursing partners with Moorhead State University to offer courses to increase the number of nurses to serve rural, migrant, and American Indian populations. Lasts until 1997
1996 School enters a partnership with the Veterans Affairs Medical Center to offer a Master’s level nurse anesthesia program
2001 Yearly joint ethics sessions with medical students begin
2002 School launches a postbaccalaureate certificate program (till 2008). Annual research funding reaches over $2 million
2004 Joanne Disch is named acting dean and serves until 2005
2005 Connie W. Delaney named dean
2007 School launches the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)