Articles by Doug Chapin

NC Board of Elections To Replace Executive Director

North Carolina’s State Board of Elections is moving today to remove its executive director, reflecting the partisan shift on the board – and likely setting off yet another round of conflict over elections in the Tarheel State.

Technology Expert Ryan Macias to Leave EAC

Ryan Macias, a key technology expert at the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, has given notice and will be leaving the agency. I can’t wait to hear what he’s doing next – and, like many others, I’m worried about what his departure means for the EAC and its voting system testing and certification process.

SO BIG: Court Orders Murrysville, PA to Reduce Overcrowded Precincts

Murrysville, PA will have to subdivide its voting precincts after a court agreed that they far exceed state guidelines for maximum number of voters, leading to long lines at the polls. In communities where in-person voting is still prevalent, finding enough places to vote and assigning the right number of voters to those places is a critical task.

Los Angeles’ New Voting System Begins Rollout, to Debut in 2020

Los Angeles County, CA’s long-awaited voting system is beginning its public rollout and will debut in 2020. Obviously, this is a huge step for Los Angeles, but it also signals a potential new phase for voting technology nationwide. It’s a story that is likely to resonate in the election community for years (if not decades) to come.

Rutherford County, TN Faces $300K Lawsuit in Polling Place Trip and Fall

Tennessee’s Rutherford County (Murfreesboro) is facing a $300K lawsuit after an elderly voter suffered injuries after a trip and fall in a polling place last year. It’s a reminder that while larger threats like mass shootings and terrorism get attention, things like extension cords can literally and figuratively trip up election officials.

HI Legislature Sends All-Mail Voting Bill to Governor

Hawaii lawmakers have approved legislation that moves the Aloha State to all-mail voting, provide postage-paid return  and clarify when ballots must be received for counting. The changes would apply to the 2020 election, meaning that Hawaii will likely be leaning on a deep bench of mail-voting jurisdictions nationwide for advice.