Articles by Doug Chapin

Mercer County, PA Ham Radio Operators to Assist With Election Day Communications

Pennsylvania’s Mercer County will use amateur radio operators for today’s primary election to assist with election communications in a polling location with no landline and spotty cell service. It’s an example of how local election officials work to overcome communication challenges and bring redundancy into their Election Day operations.

NC Board of Elections To Replace Executive Director

North Carolina’s State Board of Elections is moving today to remove its executive director, reflecting the partisan shift on the board – and likely setting off yet another round of conflict over elections in the Tarheel State.

Technology Expert Ryan Macias to Leave EAC

Ryan Macias, a key technology expert at the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, has given notice and will be leaving the agency. I can’t wait to hear what he’s doing next – and, like many others, I’m worried about what his departure means for the EAC and its voting system testing and certification process.