Articles by Doug Chapin

Wyoming SoS Ed Murray Resigns

Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray resigned last Friday in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against him. It’s a story with dimensions far beyond the elections world, but a vacancy in the state’s top elections job – for any reason – is not something that Wyoming welcomes in a statewide election year.

Empty Checkboxes on Mail-in Ballot Requests Mean Extra Work for TX Local Officials

Empty checkboxes are creating some unexpected work for local election officials in Texas in the upcoming gubernatorial primary. It’s just the latest reminder that while candidates and election officials occupy roughly the same space in the lead-up to an election, their priorities and incentives are very different and can create surprises – and extra work and costs – for election officials.

Idaho’s Ada County Offers “Five Rules for a Successful Recount” in Latest electionlineWeekly

Recounts have been a popular topic lately, both with close races in Virginia and the recent EAC blog series – and electionlineWeekly joins the fun with a guest post from Ada County (Boise), ID on “Five Rules for a Successful Recount”. It’s valuable advice in what’s likely to be a hard-fought election year; it makes sense for election officials to think about what they’ll do if and when the recount circus comes to town.