“The Importance of Their Middle Name”: electionlineWeekly on the Future of the EAC

electionlineWeekly’s latest edition focuses on the battle over the future over the Election Assistance Commission – and finds that while some policymakers argue it’s obsolete, many others appreciate the role it plays as a set of eyes and ears (and voice) in Washington, DC. As Colorado SoS Wayne Williams notes, “they have recognized the importance of their middle name.”

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States Still Not Clear, Comfortable With DHS “Critical Infrastructure” Plans for Elections

During this week’s Technical Guidelines Development Committee meeting, the group heard a presentation from a representative of the Department of Homeland Security on the recent designation of elections as critical infrastructure. The presentation left many states uncertain about what happens next – suggesting that the plan likely faces a bumpy ride for the foreseeable future.

Plug, Play and Vote? New Functional Approach to Voting Technology Could Change Market

The Technical Guidelines Development Committee is working on a function-based approach to voting technology standards. This approach, reminiscent of how USB “plug and play” changed the PC market, could liberate buyers and sellers alike by allowing them to focus on specific components that meet specific functions – opening up the market, allowing election officials to focus on targeted upgrades and reducing costs.

New Missouri SoS, Governor Differ on Voter ID Costs, Budget

Last year, Missouri voters approved a voter ID requirement in state elections – but now, the state’s new Secretary of State and Governor don’t agree on what the law will cost or what state monies will be available to pay for it. That will be significant both for short-term implementation as well as for any eventual legal challenge to voter ID in the Show Me State.