EAC/ASU Language Access for Voters Summit July 24

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission is once again hosting an annual Language Access for Voters summit next Tuesday, July 24 at the Newseum in Washington, DC. It looks like an amazing event with many of the smartest people in the field – and if you are in the DC area, there are few places with a better view of the city than the Newseum! Check it out …

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NH Lawsuit Challenges Practice of Discarding Non-Signature-Matching Mail Ballots

A federal court in New Hampshire is hearing a lawsuit challenging some localities’ practice of discarding mail ballots if the voter signature on the ballot doesn’t match the one on file. The stats indicate that the impact is concentrated in a small number of communities and wards, suggesting that the problem is varying enthusiasm of enforcement by local moderators. Don’t be surprised if the state, like others sued on similar practices, is required to notify voters and give them an opportunity to “cure” the signature problem.

San Francisco To Launch Voter Registration for Non-Citizens in School Elections

The City of San Francisco has announced the availability of voter registration for non-citizens in school board elections in response to a citywide referendum. It’s an interesting program and one which is being eyed in other communities, with all of the attendant excitement and nervousness about what it could mean for participating voters.

New Indictments Detail Russian Election Interference in 2016

On Friday. the U.S. Department of Justice announced indictments against Russian nationals, accusing them of interfering in the 2016 Presidential election – including specific attempts to penetrate state and local election systems. While the existence of such outside threats are no longer news, the depth and breadth of the attacks in 2016 add clarity to the nature of the threat. Needless to say, these indictments will add even more urgency to the work to make the nation’s election systems more resilient.

electionlineWeekly on New NSGIC Elections Mapping Report

The latest electionlineWeekly features a new report from the National State Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) on the use of mapping technology in election administration. Projects like these definitely put the “geek” in electiongeek, but they offer improved accuracy of the election map (no small thing in the wake of stories about mis-assigned voters in close elections) as well as creating endless opportunities for innovation.