Happy Independence Day!

This weekend is a time to celebrate our nation’s democracy – and for electiongeeks to take a step back and appreciate all they do to make that democracy work. I’m taking a short blogging break and the blog will return next Tuesday, July 7. Have fun, be safe and see you next week!

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If It Were Easy Everyone Would Do It: Fairfax County Registrar Steps Down

Fairfax County’s general registrar is stepping down after asking not to be reappointed to another term. While her tenure was marked by complaints about management problems, the record suggests that the office itself is a problem to manage – which the county needs to address before another registrar is hired. Partisanship in one of the state and nation’s most Democratic counties may also have played a role.


Supreme Court Declines to Hear Proof-of-Citizenship Case

The Supreme Court’s refusal to hear a case involving Kansas’ proof-of-citizenship law for voter registration means that a case challenging that law and the dual registration system set up to administer it can proceed – and that the larger constitutional dispute between states and the federal government over the nature of the Constitution’s Election Clause persists unresolved.


Get ‘Em Young (cont.): Ridgefield, CT High School Interns Recommend Changes to Improve Turnout

Two Ridgefield, CT high school students drafted and presented a report to their town government looking at strategies the town can use to improve voter turnout. It’s continued proof of the value of involving young people – who are the future of election administration – in efforts to learn about the nuts and bolts (and also the politics) of managing the nation’s election system.

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