BINGO! Manatee County Rescues Polling Place After Host has Change of Heart

Polling places are vital to most election offices, but a story from Manatee County (Bradenton) FL – about a near-miss conflict between ballots and bingo cards – reminds us that the buildings involved are also vital, albeit for different reasons, to the owners. The underlying issue – conflicting priorities for building owners as the election office stands by, essentially helpless – repeats itself across the country every election cycle.

Accessibility Issues Lead to LeFrak City Polling Place Dispute

Issues with accessibility have resulted in the closure of a key Queens, NY polling place in the LeFrak City apartment complex, and as of now there is no on-site replacement despite the fact that the September 12 primary election – featuring a fierce City Council race in which the complex is a crucial voting bloc – is fast approaching

Fulton County to Postpone Precinct Closings After Community Objections

Precincts in Georgia’s Fulton County (Atlanta) will remain unchanged for now after the county reversed a plan that community advocates say would create problems for many African-American voters. It’s illustrative of the kinds of changes other communities may need to consider as voters as a whole begin to rely less and less on traditional neighborhood polling places. Numbers are important – but conversation is, too.

DHS to Give States Security Clearance to Hear Election Cybersecurity Details

Efforts to assist state election officials with identifying and responding to cybersecurity threats will get a boost soon as the Department of Homeland Security plans to offer security clearances that will allow officials to see more detail about past, present and future attacks. Local officials should be included too, but this is huge (and welcome) first step.