(No) Postage Due: Mail Ballots Delivered – Even Without a Stamp

Voters across the nation are sending vote by mail ballots back to their local election offices, but sometimes they carry the voter’s choices – and not enough postage. Fortunately, that’s not an issue thanks to agreements between election offices and the Postal Service. Either way, voters with such ballots should get them in the mail very soon to ensure they arrive in time to get counted.

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Can’t Stop the … CAN’T STOP THE SELFIE! Timberlake’s Photo Puts Ballot Selfies on the Front Page

Justin Timberlake is having a busy week. Not only is he promoting his new movie, but his recent ballot selfie taken has taken the the debate over such photographs to another level with Election Day approaching. States have a variety of rules about selfies – and there are concerns about their potential for fraud – but it’s undeniable that the phenomenon is taking off nationwide.


DDOS Attacks and Election Day: What to Do? [HINT: Don’t Wait.]

Last Friday, Internet users across America were affected by an apparent worldwide distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack using an army of household appliances to barrage the network with data requests. That could be a problem on Election Day, but not if voters use information already available to learn about voting – or, if they’re willing and able to do so, to cast their ballots.


ElectionlineWeekly on 2016’s Election-Related Ballot Questions

Election 2016’s fight for the White House and control of Congress gets lots of attention – and rightly so – but there are many, many other contests on the ballot, including several that could affect how future voters cast their ballots. If nothing else, election geeks can keep an eye on these questions on Election Night as we wait for the other high-visibility races to be decided.

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