E-41: Courts Shift Registration Rules in Illinois and Georgia

There are 41 days until Election Day – or, as many election officials say, “E-41” – and we are still getting court activity that could have significant impact on the November election. Yesterday – somewhat fittingly, on National Voter Registration Day – there were key developments involving registration procedures in Illinois and Georgia.


National Voter Registration Day 2016

Today is the 5th annual National Voter Registration Day – a day dedicated to ensuring that every eligible American who wants to register to vote can do so. Backed by a national effort (with events in seemingly every community) and a presidential proclamation, it’s a great day for all eligible Americans to register to vote or check and update their registrations.


Appeals Court Blocks Ohio Law on Voter Roll Maintenance

A federal appeals court has ruled that an Ohio law, which identifies voters who have failed to vote and then gives them four years to vote or update their voter record before removing them from the rolls, violates federal law. The case turns on some ambiguous statutory language, which likely means the case will be appealed – but won’t be decided (at least not quickly) because of the current composition of the U.S. Supreme Court.

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