ElectionlineWeekly on 2016’s Election-Related Ballot Questions

Election 2016’s fight for the White House and control of Congress gets lots of attention – and rightly so – but there are many, many other contests on the ballot, including several that could affect how future voters cast their ballots. If nothing else, election geeks can keep an eye on these questions on Election Night as we wait for the other high-visibility races to be decided.

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Preparing for Write-Ins: Advice from the Center on Civic Design

Election Day is three weeks from today, and due to the content and tenor of the current presidential campaign, there is growing interest in write-in votes. As with many other aspects of the election process, there’s more to the story of casting a write-in than initially meets the eye – and the gurus at the Center for Civic Design have some tips for election officials looking to assist their voters.


Worse Than Nothing? Judge Orders Florida to Give Voters Opportunity to Fix Vote-by-Mail Ballot Signatures

Less than a week after ordering the State of Florida to extend its registration deadline because of Hurricane Matthew, a federal judge has criticized the state for its application of a rule that invalidates vote-by-mail ballots with non-matching signatures. The dispute highlights the growing challenges associated with using signatures and other handwritten documents to validate voters’ identities.


BONUS POST: Column with Larry Jacobs: “Enough Already: US Elections Are Fair”

My UMN colleague Larry Jacobs and I have a contributors’ column in The Hill newspaper entitled “Enough already: US elections are fair”. It highlights the work done by election officials across the nation and signals our commitment to ensuring that the profession of election administration continues to attract the kind of smart and dedicated public servants who currently make America’s democracy work.

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