DuPage County, IL Voters to Weigh In On Elimination of Election Commission

DuPage County, IL – one of Chicago’s suburban “collar” counties – will soon ask voters if they want to eliminate the County’s election commission and return all election duties to the county clerk. It’s a story that provides a reminder of the limited authority of local governments to restructure without state approval as well as the ongoing balance between effective administration and the insulation from partisanship in elections.

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EAC’s “Recount Ready” Launches Featuring Okaloosa, FL’s Paul Lux

Yesterday, the EAC launched a new “Recount Ready” feature focusing on election officials and their experiences preparing for and conducting recounts and post-election contests in close elections. The debut post features an interview of Okaloosa County, FL’s Paul Lux on the December 12 anniversary of the 2001 Bush v. Gore decision. It’s a fantastic resource for election officials facing close elections in their communities.

Double Your Fun? Some Alabama Voters to Face Two Votes, Two Lines Today

All eyes are on Alabama’s special U.S. Senate election today, but in one community there will actually be “double the fun” in the form of a second election – with its own ballot and check-in table (and some split precincts for good measure). It’s a small story, to be sure, but it highlights how the nation’s electoral map can create interesting challenges for election officials and voters alike.

Snohomish County, WA Lawsuit to Seek Funds for Expanded Ballot Drop Boxes

Snohomish County (Everett), WA is preparing a lawsuit that will ask the state to fund the increase in costs related to newly-mandated ballot drop boxes. It’s just the latest example of the struggle many localities face in finding the funds to implement state election law changes without a commensurate change in state election funding.

York County, PA Report Details Process Behind Double Voting Issue

York County, PA has issued a report about its Election Day 2017 issue where voters were able to vote twice for the same candidate in some races. It appears to stem, in part, from the always-tricky issue of how to transition/retain knowledge and experience from a retiring employee – but questions remain about why voters and the public weren’t notified sooner.