Mountain State Milestone: West Virginia Launches OVR

West Virginia was one of the early wave of states to adopt OVR when it enacted legislation in 2013; this week, that enactment became reality with the launch of the state’s new OVR portal. It’s safe to say that no change in elections in recent years has been more rapid that OVR adoption and implementation – and now West Virginia has joined the list, which to date includes 25 states with more on the way.

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Vermont to Launch OVR Later This Month

The State of Vermont is poised to become the latest state to offer online voter registration as it launches a new online election management tool for voters later this month. Voters will also have access to tools to track their ballots and get notifications of upcoming elections. It’s the latest example of a state using technology to improve the process, save money – and give residents value as both taxpayers and voters.


At Radford, Town and Gown Work Together to Register Students

Virginia’s Radford University is working with the local election office to use student deputy registrars to explain the process and assist their classmates with issues related to voter registration. It’s a great example of town/gown cooperation to improve voting and elections.

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