New Hill Op-Ed Calls on Congress to Fund EAC’s Efforts to Address Voting Technology Issues

Rokey Suleman and Doug Lewis – two people with years of experience in elections and elections policy here and around the globe – have a new op-ed in The Hill calling on Congress to continue funding the EAC’s work assisting state and local election officials with the impending crisis in voting technology. Here’s hoping Congress can find it in their hearts (and wallets) to listen.


Virginia Debates Use of E-Signatures for Absentee Ballot Requests

Virginia’s State Board of Elections is once again at the center of a debate after a policy change – sought by the GOP Speaker of the House – opened the door to electronic signatures on absentee ballot requests. Some Democrats have moved to embrace the change – but it is rekindling the traditional partisan argument about ease of access vs. the threat of fraud.

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