electionlineWeekly on The 2016 Election’s “Known Unknowns”

The past few weeks have seen a steady parade of developments that help to bring the rules and procedures involved in the 2016 election more into focus. But the picture isn’t completely clear just yet, and electionline’s Mindy Moretti has a look in this week’s newsletter at what election officials are doing to cope with the uncertainty.

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Federal Court Reinstates Michigan Straight Ticket Voting

Last week, a federal court in Michigan issued an injunction blocking a new law that eliminates straight ticket voting in the Great Lakes State, citing racial disparities in the use of the practice across the state. The ruling, which is likely to be appealed, includes a detailed analysis under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act – and could have repercussions beyond Michigan as a result.

Sunflower State “Ping-Pong”: Tracking Election Litigation in Kansas

In Kansas, a constant stream of legal developments has left just about everyone concerned uncertain about what will be expected on Election Day in November. A new article likens the process to a game of ping-pong – which is an excellent analogy because of the somewhat-frenzied speed with which litigation has changed the landscape. Unfortunately, it looks like the game is far from over.

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