Quesenbery, Chisnell to Offer Online Election Design Course at UMN

This week’s electionlineWeekly includes some news I’ve been hinting at for a while but am very excited to share: we will be adding an election design course – inspired, created and taught by the Center for Civic Design’s Whitney Quesenbery and Dana Chisnell – to the offerings at our online program starting this fall!


In Which I Am (a Bit of) a Killjoy About Pokemon Go at the Polls

Few topics have excited the collective electiongeek imagination in the last week or so more than the potential for the hot new game Pokemon Go to be used as a means to generate interest in, and turnout at, the polls in November. But given the importance of the election process, before we get too excited about using Pikachu and friends to boost turnout, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind.

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