TODAY: Pew’s Voting in America 2016

I’m honored to be attending and taking part in the third edition of The Pew Charitable Trusts’ “Voting in America” – a quadrennial meeting designed to look back at the past election and ahead to the future of democracy and the voting process across the nation.


Michigan Mismatch: Reconciliation Issues Block Recount

While there is disagreement about the presidential recount underway in Michigan – first in the court of public opinion and now the courts – many eyes are now turning to a state law that prohibits a precinct from being recounted if it cannot be reconciled; that is, the total number of ballots cast don’t match the number of names in the poll book.


Who’s In? Who’s Out? New Section 203 Minority Language Determinations

Yesterday, the Census Bureau released its latest minority language determinations under Section 203 of the Voting Rights Act. These determinations set the list of jurisdictions for which voting materials must be made available in languages other than English. That full list – and a few key deletions – is included in today’s post.


“A Town That Just Won’t Die”: Frederick, KS Election Errors Sway Decision on Its Future

Election Day 2016 brought many surprising results – but in the tiny Kansas town of Frederick, the surprise was that the election returns showed that the town would continue to exist despite a lack of support from its nine(!) residents. What’s more, it now appears the votes to keep the town alive came from people who don’t live there, thanks to an error at the polls.

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