San Mateo County’s High All-Mail Turnout: California’s Future?

San Mateo County’s November election – which featured mail ballots and a Colorado-style “ballot delivery” system – had a higher turnout than similar previous votes. Prepaid postage may have been a factor, but if the higher turnout numbers can be replicated elsewhere it could generate momentum for statewide adoption in California.


Turnover in Grays Harbor Blamed on Workload, Lack of Resources

Washington’s Grays Harbor County is losing its fourth election official in two years – a situation the auditor says is due to a mismatch between duties and resources under a tight county budget. Unfortunately, county legislators don’t seem to see the urgency and it looks like the office will have to scramble to be ready for 2016.


Forward? Wisconsin Legislature Eliminates GAB

The Wisconsin Legislature passed and sent the Governor a pair of bills that replace the state’s nonpartisan Government Accountability Board with two bipartisan commissions. The change generated fierce partisan controversy – and will likely leave the election commission with new leadership in a presidential election year.

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