The Human Face of “Voter Fraud”

Voter fraud is a constant topic of discussion in the field of elections, with fierce policy battles over the wisdom and impact of laws intended to combat ineligible voters from casting ballots at the polls. But a recent story out of North Carolina is a helpful reminder (to me at least) that many stories of “fraud” are actually just sad stories of people who either thought they were doing the right thing or didn’t realize they weren’t.

LA County Seeks Vendor Input on Building New Voting System

Los Angeles County, CA is signalling that it is beginning to take steps to move its new voting system from prototype to production with the issuance of a Request for Information for vendors to offer input on building one or more components of the system. It’s an exciting and encouraging step – and means the County’s highly-anticipated design is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality.

ND Governor Signs Revamped Voter ID Bill

North Dakota’s Governor has signed a revamped voter ID bill even as plaintiffs argue that it fails to fix a problem that led a federal court to block it last year. The state’s voter ID battle encapsulates much of the debate in states across the nation today, with legislatures and plaintiffs wrestling (usually in court) about what is the appropriate solution for voters who lack ID – an affidavit or additional forms of ID.

CA Legislature to Consider Placing $450M Voting Equipment Bond on June 2018 Ballot

California voters could soon have the opportunity to decide whether to support a $450 million state bond for new voting equipment, if the Legislature adopts a bill recently introduced to put the bond on the June 2018 ballot. If it does pass and make it on the ballot, voter approval would provide local officials with a significant boost in equipment funding – but there are many steps to take in the next year before that happens.