NC Board of Elections Orders Watauga County to Establish Polling Place at ASU

The North Carolina State Board of Elections ordered Watauga County to establish a polling place at Appalachian State University after the local board was unable to unanimously agree on a plan. A majority of the county board cited demographics and budget in denying the ASU site, but state officials relied upon recent litigation citing partisan motivations in ordering an on-campus site.


YIKES: Lee County Hacking Controversy

A candidate for Lee County, FL Supervisor of Elections and a cybersecurity consultant are under investigation by state authorities after they hacked into the election office’s website. Whatever their motivation – and whatever value there is in penetration testing of government sites – there’s something deeply unsettling about candidates using hacking as a campaign tactic.


Connecticut SoS Proposes Automatic Registration

Connecticut SoS Denise Merrill is asking the legislature to consider automatic registration. The idea will likely engender the usual partisan feelings (for and against), but there are also concerns on both sides of the aisle about whether the state DMV is up to the task.


Wyoming SoS Names Kai Schon New State Election Director

Wyoming’s Secretary of State has tapped HAVA Coordinator Kai Schon to take over the state election director position vacated last year by longtime incumbent Peggy Nighswonger. Mr. Schon will focus on working with county clerks on 2016 election preparations and also on boosting voter turnout, especially among young voters. His experience with the state will help in what promises to be a busy election year.

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