Boxed In: Virginia Fight Erupts Over Removal of Check Boxes from Voter Applications

A standing-room-only crowd in Richmond yesterday debated a proposal by the Virginia State Board of Elections to eliminate eligibility checkboxes from the voter registration form. It’s a thorny policy issue that strikes right at the heart of the access vs. integrity divide – but one that may become less intense as more voters register online AND might benefit from a better approach to design.

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Newby’s “Lehman Proposal”: Funding Voting Technology Via Levy on Political Contributions?

Brian Newby’s latest ElectionDiary looks at a proposal by his colleague – Tabitha Lehman of Sedgwick County, KS – that would use a portion of political contributions to fund voting technology improvements. It’s a long shot, to be sure, but if nothing else it may kickstart a conversation about a problem that otherwise may run headlong into a fiscal buzzsaw of debt and taxpayer fatigue.


Knight News Challenge on Elections Winners Announced

The Knight Foundation has announced the winners of its News Challenge on Elections, including 10 full project winners receiving at least $200,000 and another dozen prototype projects receiving $35,000 each. Congratulations to all the winners – including lots of familiar names – the result of all this work should be interesting to see!

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