Toulouse Oliver to Become New Mexico SoS December 9

Election results are still being finalized in many places – and fought over in others – but in New Mexico, longtime Bernalillo County (Albuquerque) election official Maggie Tolouse Oliver will be sworn in as New Mexico’s Secretary of State next week after winning a special election to finish out the last two years of the term.


Illinois House Fails to Override Veto of Automatic Voter Registration

After several successes in 2016, supporters of automatic voter registration (AVR) are looking ahead to more states joining the list in 2017 – but those hopes suffered a setback yesterday when the Illinois House was unable to join the Senate in overriding Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto of an AVR bill. It will be interesting to see what this means for AVR legislation nationwide in the post-2016 legislative environment.


Merle King on “Election Recounts: The Difference between Hunting and Fishing”

My friend and colleague Merle King from Kennesaw State University sent me the attached yesterday – and it was so good I had to share. Recounts are in the news again – and Merle has a fantastic take (focusing on the difference between hunting and fishing licenses) that will clarify the issues involved, helping you separate signal from noise in the next few weeks.


Several Post-Election Questions, The Answer to Which is “No”

Regular readers of this blog, and people who know me generally, have probably gathered that I am an overall positive person who tends to look for a way to say “yes” to almost anything. But the last week or so has been so frustrating that I’d like to present a series of questions below – the answer to every one of which is a firm NO.

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