Danvers Single-Precinct Debate Provides Case Study of Poll Location Issues

A new story about Danvers, MA’s debate regarding consolidating precincts into a single location – at newly-renovated Danvers High – is a fantastic case study of the real-life issues election officials face in choosing and managing polling locations: turnout, traffic/parking and coordination with other local agencies. [UPDATED with info about police traffic details!]


It’s Not Just You: Late USPS Mail Delivery is Up Nearly 50%

A new report reveals that late-arriving mail has spiked almost 50% in recent years, due in large part to service reductions at the U.S. Postal Service. As we’ve seen, delivery delays can create major headaches for election officials and voters on and before Election Day. In short, the (admittedly huge and expensive) problems the USPS faces need a comprehensive solution – and soon.


Learning Through Doing? Summit County, OH Deadlocks on State Senator as Pollworker

Summit County, OH has an unusual problem: a GOP state senator wants to serve as a pollworker – and Democrats on the county board of elections are in favor while GOP members have concerns. As a result, the SoS will decide. The dispute rests on issues of partisanship and control over the process – but the prospect of an elected official seeing the Election Day experience first hand is kind of exciting.

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